Pawel Salek (PhD)

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I have terminated my employment at KTH to pursue a carreer in industry. Feel free to send an email.

Management is about doing things right.
Leadership is about doing the right things.
/Peter Drucker


Theoretical chemistry, KTH, Stockholm.

e-mail: pawsa (at)

Department of Theoretical Chemistry
School of Biotechnology
Royal Institute of Technology
S-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

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I used to work with low scaling methods for time-dependent density functional theory. ERGO program contains many algorithms I have developed. I have also contributed to Dalton quantum chemistry program and occasionally contributing to Dirac relativistic program as well. I am member of the steering committee of KTH Computational Science and Engineering Centre (KCSE).


Frequently asked questions

  1. Download introduction to my PhD thesis. (PDF, 1.3MB).
  2. Download my PhD presentation: landscape (0.8MB PDF) and portrait (0.16MB PDF) parts.
  3. My PhD dissertation was held on 11th of June 2001. Some photos from the dissertation.

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