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Research Activities

The research of the department involves both method development and applications, where experimental-theoretical collaboration always is at focus. The scope in theory and modelling has motivated us to take steps to develop an in-house experimental Lab, with activity in nanoparticle research. Our activities are divided into the following main areas.

1. Molecular Properties, Structures and Reactivity
2. Multiscale modelling
3. Macromolecular Chemistry and Biology
4. Nano and Bio Photonics and Electronics
5. Nanoparticle research (experiment)

In collaboration with experimentalist we so build up, step by step, know-how and understanding which makes us better suited to tackle complicated systems and processes in biology, chemistry and in the materials science. Our portfolio of modelling tools to do this is large, our computational resources have increased immensely, and so our knowledge. Nevertheless, the main challenges still lie ahead, we have so far only scrapped the surface.

Some Ongoing Research Projects

Quantum mechanics capacitance molecular mechanics
Nonlinear Plasmon Spectroscopy and Plasmonic Photochemistry
Nano and single-atom catalysts
Atmospheric Aerosol Chemistry
Virtual Laboratory for Molecular Probes
Development of Upconverting Nanoparticles for Solar Energy and Health Care Applications
Modelling design of biomolecular markers targeting Alzheimer's disease
Photocatalysis on semiconductor surfaces
Strong field physics and new states of matter
Ionization and ultrafast nuclear dynamical effects
Photochemistry: photochromism and excitonic coupling